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Monday 16/04 Tuesday 17/04 Wednesday 18/04

08:00 Registration
09:00 Introduction & Welcome
Opening CPV-14
Ignacio Antón, Instituto de Energía Solar - UPM
Welcome from Conference Host
Oscar de la Rubia, ISFOC
09:10 Session 1: Introductory Session
Chair: Myles Steiner (NREL), Iván García (IES-UPM)
Analysis of the Performance of an On-Axis Mirror Module Design Compared to a Flatcon® Module
Maike Wiesenfarth, Fraunhofer ISE
Long Term Power Prediction Model for CPV Plants
Mousaab Benhammane, CEA - INES
Six-Junction Concentrator Solar Cells
John Geisz, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)
Standardization of the CPV Technology in 2018 – Where are We Going to Go?
Kenji Araki, Toyota Technological Institute
10:30 Coffee Break
11:05 Welcome Session
Chair: Ignacio Antón (IES-UPM), Óscar de la Rubia (ISFOC)
Welcome Speeches from Representatives of Puertollano and Castilla-La Mancha
11:40 Session 2: CPV Systems (I)
Chair: Andreas Bett (Fraunhofer ISE), Karin Hinzer (University of Ottawa)
Analysis of Ecosole HCPV System Performances During Two Operation Years
Carmine Cancro, ENEA
On-Sun Testing of a 100-Shingled-Cell Dense Receiver Array at ~50 W/cm2 using Overlapped Single-Axis Foci
Richard Norman, University of Sherbrooke
REhnu Dish Based CPV: Performance and Reliability Improvements Based on Field Experience
Nicholas Didato, REhnu Inc.
Long-Term Data Analysis. Feedback from ISFOC CPV Plants
María Martínez, ISFOC
13:20 Lunch Break
14:40 Session 3: Solar Cells for CPV (I)
Chair: Matthew Lumb (Naval Research Laboratory), Rosalinda van Leest (AZUR SPACE)
On the Use of Graphene as a Transparent Electrode to Reduce the Series Resistance of High Concentrator Solar Cells
Laura Barrutia Poncela, Instituto de Energía Solar - UPM
Reverse Heterojunction Top Cells for High Current Density Solar Cell Operation
Myles Steiner, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)
Development of InGaAs(P) Solar Cells for 5+J Stacked Multijunction Architectures
Kenneth Schmieder, US Naval Research Laboratory
MOVPE SiGeSn Development for the Next Generation 4-Junction Solar Cells
Gianluca Timò, RSE
Dual Technological Procedure for Multijunction Solar Cells: InGaAs Subcell Epitaxial Lift-Off Combined with InP Wafer Recycling
François Chancerel, University of Sherbrooke
16:20 Coffee Break
17:00 Session 4: Tracking and Reliability
Chair: Kenji Araki (Toyota Technological Institute), Luc Fréchette (University of Sherbrooke)
Tracking-Integrated CPV4ALL System Installation and Analysis of Mirror Tolerance Manufacturing
Sarah Bernardis, CEA
Influence of Concentration and Solar Cell Size on the Warranty Time of Concentrator Triple Junction Solar Cells
Neftali Nuñez, Instituto de Energía Solar - UPM
Design and Analysis of Performance of a DC Power Optimizer for HCPV Systems within CPV Match Project
Ricardo Alonso, TECNALIA
Modelling and Experimental Validation of Passive Tracking System for HCPV
Stephen Askins, Instituto de Energía Solar - UPM

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